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Stop Pots From Boiling Over

If the contents boil over, “petals” at the center of the bowl lift, causing excess liquid and bubbles to spill into the bowl, then slide back into the pot. Voilà! No mess on your stovetop.

Heat Resistant up to 230°C

It can handle heat up to 400 degrees fahrenheit or 230 degrees celsius, which means it’s safe to use for microwave cooking.


"Excellent invention!"


I just love these boil over lids! A great invention to say the least! Now I can walk off with a pot on the stove and not have to worry about a mess all over the stove! I liked them so much, I ordered another set for my daughter in law. She had just bought a new stove, and was complaining everyone made a mess on her stove when cooking! So i gave her these, and if stopped the problem.

Doubles up as a Steamer Basket

Just place the spill stopper over a pot of boiling water, add your vegetables, top it with a glass lid and you’re good to go.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course. The lids are made of silicone, they will be fine in a dishwasher.

The diameter of each lid is 10.2 inches. It fits most pots.

Yes, It can be used on the premise of suitable size. They are suitable for many types of pots.

Yes, it can used on gas stove as long as it is not in contact with the flame directly.

Yes, you can, as long as the size of the pan is 10 inches or smaller.

Yes, it is made of silicone, not plastic.